10 best beaches to visit near Bangalore (1)

You will find beautiful beaches near Bangalore. If you love adventure, then you will prefer water sports. You will contemplate about life by staring at the rise and fall of the cadenced waves if you have a poetic soul. I would like to share the list of ten best beaches to be visited near Bangalore. By going through the list, you will gain knowledge about the specialty of the beaches. Here is the list.

1. Gokarna Beach

It is the good destination for all travel bugs. You will find the famous Mahabaleshwar temple of Lord Shiva. People celebrate Shivaratri festival with great excitement.

Gokarna Beach

2. Kudle Beach

It has a string of restaurants and cafes, so it often remains overloaded. You can find accommodation at low budget. It is situated at the south of Gokarna Beach.

Kudle Beach

3. Om Beach

You will enjoy the calming effect along with surfing and many other fun activities. You will find that this beach is in the shape of auspicious Om symbol. You can clearly observe the outline from the cliff “Rock of Peace.”Om Beach

4. Half Moon Beach

Here you can enjoy the marvelous sight of sunrise. You can capture the beautiful sight by your camera. All the clicks will refresh your memory.

Half Moon Beach

5. Paradise Beach

It is also known as Full Moon Beach. People trek through the forest to reach it. If you go with your gang of friends, then you will definitively enjoy as the friend’s company will trace your way to the beach. As the name suggests, you will have the feeling of Heaven on this beach.


6. Karwar Beach

Here you will get seafood cuisine. The splendid feast will make your stay memorable. Here you can explore Sadashivgad Fort, Chendia, and Nagar Mandi fall as well. Your will really enjoy your trip.

Karwar Beach

7. Malpe Beach

It is located about 5km away from Udupi and off its coast lies the Coconut Islands. It is in the form of Columnar Basaltic lava. Under ‘Geotourism’ it works as the noteworthy site.

Malpe Beach

8. Ullal Beach

The nature lover will be tempted to the beauty of Ullal Beach. You can find some other points of interest like Someshwara temple, an ancient Cathedral,  Summer sands beach resorts.

Ullal Beach

9. Maravanthe Beach

In Karnataka, it is one of the most beautiful beaches. The Maraswamy temple is situated near the beach.You will really appreciate the view of the sunset.


10. Murudeshwar  Beach

Here you will see the splendid Shiva statue which is the second tallest statue of Hindu God in the world. If you visit this beach, then you should visit Netrani Island. It is a known for scuba-diving.

Murudeshwar Beach


All the above beaches near Bangalore are remarkable and known for their certain specific quality. You can visit with your friends and family to enjoy the beauty. It will refresh your mind and stress. Catch the good memories of the beaches in your camera. Your holidays at mesmerizing beaches will fill your heart with pleasure. The people of Bangalore or from any part of the world can enjoy the golden sands and splendid waves.


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