What is a Whiteboard Animation and What You Need to Create One?

Today, a lot of people are talking about whiteboard animation videos and searching for the best whiteboard animation software available online. But, what actually is a whiteboard animation and which things are necessary to have for creating a great whiteboard animation video by yourself? Check the post below to find the answer.

What is a Whiteboard Animation?

A whiteboard animation which is also known as a sketch video, explainer video, Videoscribe, and other names, is a method of communicating with people by creating a story and storyboard on a whiteboard. It is mostly used in TV ads and digital advertising to market the business products and individual services. Unlike to the traditional approaches of distributing brochures, creating blogs, and distributing tons of content, a whiteboard animation is a unique and modern way to engage more people with the business.

What do you need to create a whiteboard animation video?

A professional whiteboard animation video requires significant efforts and ton full preplanning to make a huge impact. There are many professional companies and individuals are present in the market to provide you the best whiteboard animation video to boost your sales and traffic. But, it will make a big dent in your pocket too. Many people due to this reason are turning to create the whiteboard animation video on their own. But many times they fail in creating the best of it due to lacking of tools and planning. Check this below list to get all the essential things for creating your whiteboard animation video.

A Best Whiteboard Animation Software – This is an essential thing to create a whiteboard video. There are many software applications available on the internet who provide free trials, so you can choose the best among them by checking them all.

If you find it costly or difficult to create a whiteboard video online, then you can make it manually too. Review the list below (A whiteboard is intentionally absent):

  • A camera: It helps you to display the camera image on the screen.
  • A steady desk: You need a steady and enough wide table to film your animation.
  • Proper Lighting: You can use your desk lamp to find the right light. You can also arrange some extra lighting depending on the video on which you are working and the surroundings near you.
  • Paper and other material: You need paper, of course, to draw on it. Other writing materials include a pencil, an eraser, a Copic marker (to include shades in the video), and a marker pen.
  • Video editing software: A perfect video editing software will help you to edit your video and make it more engageable and commutable.


A whiteboard animation video will surely help you to engage more people to your products and services. Get the right material and create a best whiteboard animation video with your brilliant ideas. Don’t forget to share your creations below in the comments.


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