How to choose the best gaming monitor?

You are a gamer, and you decided to get the best gaming monitor to enhance your gaming experience. This is a pretty obvious and understandable thing. But you need to consider some important things to consider for getting a perfect choice. If you are confused about the things to look after, then check this article for different specifications that you need to check.

1) Size

Screen Size is the first and mainly considerable thing when choosing the best gaming monitor. It depends on your personal preference and how much you want from your new display. If you go for the high-quality and significant sized screens, then they surely cost you a lot and make a big dent in your pocket. Whereas, if you for the cheap options, you have to compromise with the low resolution and small screens. Most of the gamers go with the 23 to 24” screens which are large enough to accommodate and also available at some affordable rates.

2) Resolution

Today, the gamers like you do not want to go below any resolution under the full HD 1080p (1920×1080). Most of the gaming monitors come with this screen resolution, but you should make it sure before getting one. If you go for bigger screens like 25”, then you will find higher resolution like 1440p (2560×1440) which is known as quad-HD. Such displays require better hardware to run your games smoothly. The latest is the 4K (3440×1440) resolution which requires more power on your PC, so you need to choose it precisely. In current times, no all GPUs support 4K resolution.

3) Response Rate

The response rate is the measurement of how quickly the gaming monitor updates the screen, and it is a crucial factor when looking for the best gaming display. Anything under 6ms is better for your gaming, and if you get 2ms or 1ms refresh rate on your monitor, then you get a perfect situation. If you get a refresh rate of 8ms or more, then you will most probably face the problem of ghosting which happens when the previous image is displayed and seen as a blur even after the picture has changed.

4) Refresh Rate

This is an another important thing to consider. A higher refresh rate eliminates graphical tearing and allows to enjoy gaming at higher frame rates. Standard gaming monitors come with a refresh rate of 60Hz which is perfectly fine for the gaming PC. But if you have no bar for budget and want to go for higher and faster screens, then you can go for the displays with a refresh rate of 120Hz or 140Hz.

5) LED or LCD

There is no much difference between these two-panel types; LCD and LED. LED screen uses LED backlighting and provides brighter and sharper display with low power usage than an LCD. Though LED monitors cost a little more than LCD screens, you can go for them if you want the best gaming display.


The monitor undoubtedly plays an important part in your overall gaming experience. If you have a killer graphics card and CPU but have a cheap quality of the display, then it may ruin your graphics experience. Consider the above things, and you will not look back after getting the best gaming monitor for your enhanced gaming.

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