The Arduino microcontroller board has become a truly powerful and extremely unique method for anyone to star coming up with projects that will give you a chance to improve your skills with Arduino. In this article, we are going to give you some essential information on what you can do in order to get started with some interesting Arduino projects.

Arduino Projects

1) Create a garage door Smartphone opener

This can be a fairly simple Arduino project that you can start in order to get a good feel on how the Arduino board works and what you can do with it. This is the kind of project that is ideal for those who are getting started and want a good initial challenge. This would be a great way for you to see the potential that Arduino has and it would teach you the basics of its use and development process. Find full project from here.

2) A computer stand with a fan controller for your laptop

This is going to be a very interesting project to try out with Arduino and you can create a fan system with a temperature controller. The idea is to make this controller completely independent from the laptop. It should detect the temperature on the bottom of the computer and this will provide the perfect stand for your laptop. The use of a sensor that controls the speed of the fans could help create a reduction of the required use of energy that would be needed in order for the fans to work.

3) Build your own home security system

This is a very cool project that you could do with your Arduino board. It could include a set of sensors that you could place in strategic locations for the detection of any intruders. You can expand on the project by coming up with internet connectivity features and this can become a very interesting project that can reach complex levels that go as far as your skills with Arduino allow.

4) A robot that follows a specific color

This is a great project to start because it can give you the chance to expand that idea and come up with a very unique and original way to use that invention. A robot that follows a specific color path that is drawn on the floor is a great way to make use of Arduino and as mentioned before, it can give way for a larger and more complex kind of project. You can also buy some Arduino robot kit to get started creating arduino based robots.

5) A robot that seeks the darkest area in a room

This Light seeking Arduino project has to awesome ways of becoming very interesting. You can create a robot that looks for the darkest place in a room and then uses a light that is installed on it in order to provide light to the area. This is could actually become a very interesting project that could develop into a much more ambitious product. The robot could look for the darkest places, but only provide light when it detects any movement.

There are many ways in which the Arduino board can be used and these ideas we just gave you are simple, but very powerful ways to start to learn to use the board. They can all be enhanced and developed into much better ideas that will allow for an expansion of those projects.

Creativity should always be your main weapon of choice when you are using a board like Arduino and this could be a truly powerful way for anyone to get the kind of results they want when trying to come up with great ideas or expand and innovate ideas that have already been developed.

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